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Some words about us

Over the decades, DWF has transformed into a progressive and modern banking institution. We are supported by a sturdy financial base led by a strong and stable management, as proven by our clients who have stood with us over the years. Today, we offer a full range of financial services to help our customers build and manage their finances.

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Let's Get To Know NB Spare Bank's Features

Personal Finance

Gives you the freedom to manage your finances.

Smart Banking

flexible and realiable online banking guaranteed.

Card Management

the master card and other cards are generally acceptable.

Multi Platform

Gives you the freedom to manage your finances and have mutiple platform to growth.

Our Artificial-Intelligence Helps You Manage Your Money Efficiently

How To Create A NB Spare Bank Account

Our account opening system is very easy, you can create our account in few munites by following the instructions.


Prepare Document

Kindly make sure all the document needed for account opening are all available account agent will attend to you.


Online Verification

The online verification shall take place once your document are been accreditated and qualified for account opening


Setup Account

Once your account is created, our system will initiate setting up your account.



Enjoy your features hence the finishing is succesfully done.

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Money Managed

Choose loan Plan

Hence you have an account with us, you have access to all the loan plan listed below.

housing / Month

Silver Plan

you can own a house a make the payment little by little..

car / Month

Gold Plan

get a loan to purchase a car and remit montly.

finance / Month

Platinum Plan

express way to access fund for your business.